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Pitfalls to Avoid

and how we can help you avoid them:

  1. A long response time: If you're too slow, the editor of the book may drop your work. Because permissions are all we do, we provide quick turn-around on requests.
  2. Setting fees too low: While you want to be fair, you also need to be fair to yourself. We know the marketówe see it from both sidesóand we'll make sure you get the best deal you can.
  3. Setting fees too high: Unrealistically high fees can annoy an author or editor, who may not have the time or inclination to negotiate. The piece may be dropped, and the requestor may retaliate by overcharging the next time you approach him or her with a request. Again, we know who's charging what, and who's paying what. We'll hit the right number that will get your work out there and increase your profits.
  4. Lack of follow-up: Selling the reprint rights doesn't do you much good if you don't have an efficient follow-up system. We keep track of what money is still outstanding, and we make sure you get it.
  5. Using one-size-fits-all services: Automated systems like those at the Copyright Clearance Center may sound convenient, but they don't maximize your income. We recognize that each request is unique and consider each one carefully. Are you sure that's the treatment your requests currently get?